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Committees & Organizations

2024 Congregation Council
Brenda Beegle, president
David Machamer, vice-president
Deborah Lutz, secretary
Kathaleen Lilley, assistant treasurer
Carol Anspach
Michael Ernst
Karen Hatt

Nancie Whelan (non-Council), Treasurer

Christian Education Committee
Nicholas Adams, 2024 chair

Evangelism Committee
We, as members of Messiah, are empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the Good News of God in all that we say and do, both within and beyond our community of faith. Through God’s Word we share the Good News of Jesus Christ. All members of Messiah are called to be partners in this vital ministry. We strive to help one another realize God’s vision for us as His disciples.
Committee members:

Fellowship Committee
The purpose of the Fellowship Committee is to provide the congregation with fellowship opportunities.  We sponsor a Freezer Food Bank with meals available for shut-ins, those who have been hospitalized, or for those who have been sick and could use a prepared meal.  We also sponsor Welcome Time, Easter breakfast, bread and soup suppers during Lent, a reception for confirmands, Covenant Day and a picnic for Independent Church in India.  In the past we have also sponsored bus trips and theater shows.
Committee Members:
Karen Hatt, 2024 chair
Marion Bowman
Mary Ann Hartman
Harry Hatt
Deb Lutz
David Machamer
Elizabeth Surmacz
Nancie Whelan
Kay Zellers
Karen Zivic

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is responsible for management of the congregation’s finances, which includes fiscal planning and administration on behalf of the congregation.  The committee prepares a draft budget for the succeeding year and submits the draft budget to the Congregation Council for approval.  It shall, subject to approval of the Congregational Council, be responsible for this congregation’s investments and its total insurance program. It also provides for annual audits of the accounts of the treasurer and financial secretary.
Committee Members:
Larry Watkins, 2024 chair
Ernestine Batdorf
Kathaleen Lilley
Rita Savant
Nancie Whelan

Personnel Committee
At Messiah Lutheran Church, God’s people experience the love of God, grow in love for one another, express holiness in daily living, and share the joy of belonging to Christ as people who celebrate God’s gifts of life and faith.  Rejoicing in God’s love, we freely share that love with all people, that they too may know God, find meaning in life, and embrace eternal hope.  We must apply the same Christian standards with respect to the employees of the church.
Committee Members:
David Machamer, 2024 chair
Karen Fox
Dorothy Martin

Property Committee
The Property Committee at Messiah is responsible for the maintenance of Messiah’s structures and grounds.  Our goal is to maintain the facility in the most faithful possible way, not only looking to the present but also to the future.  We strive for both good stewardship in matters of cost and an attractive, inviting facility which furthers our mission of outreach and welcome.
Committee members and supporters work on such projects as landscape maintenance and trimming, interior painting, and electrical and other general repairs.  We have also implemented a long-range plan to reduce maintenance costs for future generations, replacing iron pipes with more durable copper, controlling humidity and temperature, replacing outdated windows with insulating windows, and converting from flat to pitched roofing wherever practicable.
We are blessed with a large and beautiful facility, and work to honor God for these blessings by taking faithful and proactive actions to care for God’s house and grounds.
Committee Members:
Dave Machamer, 2024 chair
Nick Adams
Tom Gassert
Harry Hatt
Andrew Trovinger

Publicity Committee
Deborah Lutz, 2024 chair

Social Ministry Committee
This committee is responsible for fostering the extension of Christian compassion and help to persons in need.  To meet this responsibility the committee carries out these activities:

  • Periodic visits to Messiah’s shut-ins
  • Mail ministry of cards to shuts-ins at Easter, Christmas and birthdays
  • Offering of Fair Trade coffee, tea and cocoa for sale during Messiah’s monthly Welcome Times to benefit small farmers around the world
  • Collection for the Independent Church in India to support its work with orphaned children, abandoned lepers, and the distribution of Bibles
  • Recruitment of Messiah’s members to take part in the annual CROP Walk as walkers or those who make pledges to walkers
  • Erect a Tree of Giving to help the needs of people served by the Rescue Mission and Agape House through the congregation’s provision of items listed on the Tree
  • Christmas Party for Agape House residents with Pastor’s presentation of the story of Jesus’ birth, party refreshments, activity bags for the children, and needed items for their mothers

Through these activities the Social Ministry Committee offers the congregation opportunities to take part in helping needy people in our community and around the world.
Committee Members:
Carol Anspach and Rita Savant, 2024 co-chairs
Ernestine Batdorf
Marion Bowman
Mary Ann Hartman
Kay Zellers

Stewardship Committee
Committee Members:
Michael Ernst and Kathaleen Lilley, 2024 co-chairs

Volunteer Resources Committee
This committee, in cooperation with the Congregation Council and the pastor, is responsible for the annual recruitment and recommendation of a slate of candidates to stand for election to the Congregation Council.  The committee is responsible for assisting the chairpersons of standing or special committees in the recruitment of volunteers to serve on the committees of the congregation.
Committee Members:
Brenda Beegle, 2024 Chair
Michael Ernst
Rita Savant
Nancie Whelan

Worship & Music Committee
Committee Members:
Karen Fox, 2024 Chair
Deborah Lutz


Altar Guild
Messiah Lutheran Altar Guild is a dedicated group of men and women whose primary mission is to prepare and maintain our sanctuary for use by God’s family.  We prepare for regular Sunday worship services during which we celebrate Communion every week.  We also prepare for Lent, Easter, Christmas, baptisms, weddings, and funeral services, as well as other special events.  Coordinating flowers for the altar for weekly worship services and special occasions is one of our ongoing tasks.  Making worship meaningful for our congregation and friends is truly the Altar Guild’s privilege.
We are fortunate to enjoy the assistance of a faithful Altar Guild membership.  More than 45 members of the congregation serve on the Altar Guild on a regular schedule.  Each member who serves on the Altar Guild is committed to this service.  We appreciate their gifts of time and warmly welcome any and all members of Messiah Lutheran who are interested in joining our group and have available time to serve.
Deborah Lutz, 2024  Altar Guild President



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Saturday Vigil: 6:15pm

Sunday: 9:00am, 7:15pm

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