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Protection of Children in the Congregation

Adopted by unanimous action of the Congregation Council, 9 June, 2015

The safety and wellbeing of children shall be a priority at all times on the premises and in the activities of Messiah Lutheran Church.  “Children” herein in defined as “persons under the age of eighteen (18).”

Procedures and practices shall reflect this priority.

Staff and volunteers of Messiah Lutheran Church who have direct contact with children due to the nature of their responsibilities are bound by this policy.

It shall be the policy of Messiah Lutheran Church that all staff and volunteers who have direct contact with children shall submit those criminal background checks required by the Commonwealth of PA to the parish office for inclusion in a data file maintained in the office and monitored by the Congregation Council or its designated Standing Committee (e.g. the Christian Education Committee).

Such criminal background checks will be maintained in-date (in PA, renewal is currently required every three years) as long as they continue to fulfill a role which requires said background checks.

It shall further be the policy of Messiah Lutheran Church that any person who has a criminal offense against a minor in their criminal record shall not be permitted to fill a position in the church, the responsibilities of which include direct contact with children

Should documentation of such criminal record be submitted, the Parish Office Manager shall so inform both the Pastor of the congregation and the Congregation Council President at the earliest possible opportunity, either verbally or by email with an electronic verification of receipt and opening.

All staff and volunteers who have direct contact with children in the performance of their role (either staff functions or volunteer activities in which primary roles include directly interacting with children) shall confirm their understanding of the responsibilities of Mandated Reporters under PA laws.

Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy shall result in removal of the individual in-violation from his/her position at the earliest practicable time.

Congregation Council, as the governing body of the congregation, has the responsibility to approve, amend, maintain, and execute the provisions of this policy.


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